The Settlers: A Twine Adventure

The world is changing, and it burns in your wake.

Together, you must outrun the strange forces that are sowing chaos. But in your path is the Tower, a spear through the heavens, dark as obsidian. You flee danger but are dragged inexorably closer to that impossible axis...

◆  ◆  ◆  ◆  ◆

In The Settlers Twine Adventure you bring to life a group of characters fleeing destruction, and lead them through the danger, mystery, wonder, and tenderness of their world. It's an exercise in imagination and writing, character creation, and even divination.

Write your Settlers into action, lead them to the Tower, and bring their journey to an end.

To play, all you need is a tarot deck* and a coin! Play however you'd like! Write their trials and tribulations, make it an oral history, or take turns with friends and make it collaborative. Stream your playthrough on Discord or Twitch, or live tweet it for others to follow. Make sure to mention the original band of survivors in this world, @The_Settlers_!

*An online tarot deck can be used here. Or print out Luciella Scarlett's scans here.

 This game is based on the Twitter Fiction written by Ewan Matthews (@ThePringularity), following his own Settlers throughout the years (@The_Settlers_). The writing experiment is open and completely collaborative. Everything is canon, so feel free to tweet your story! This Twine edition incorporates tweets from the original survivors, randomised at important junctions in the story. I hope you enjoy my original writing, and I hope it imparts the mood even better than the visuals of the Print-And-Play Edition.

This game is 100% free. ❤ It's all a labour of love, so please consider a donation (even one dubloon). It would be massively appreciated! Don't have a thaler, drachma, or lira to spare? Then please pass this game along to a friend who might enjoy it. I'd love that.

Thanks so much,

Ewan Matthews

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