This Twine-native essay explores the nature of hypertexts and the ways in which we read them. It investigates broad questions such as: How do we read? What happens to us when we read hypertext? What happens to the hypertext when we read it? How can hypertext present new opportunities for digital storytelling and navigation?

While using theoretical concepts, this essay attempts to be as accessible as possible when it comes to the realm of ideas. Readers (or "wreaders") are given the opportunity to experience and build the theory themselves. Hopefully it fits together nicely, but I leave that up to you.

Though the essay stands alone, it also serves to provide some theoretical analysis of a tutorial I made called "How To Be A Human," which juxtaposes complex Twine scenarios with simple text files.

Full screen is recommended!

This essay was written for ENG 400 - Literary and Cultural Theory, taught by Dr. Monique Tschofen at Ryerson University for the Fall 2017 semester.

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